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Pots echo

After 20 years of making pottery , i have finally put together a website ! with the help of my beloved and committed family , thank you. Working in clay is indeed a great blessing for me. It is for me that thing Japanese know as ' ikigai ', the blissful junction of that which you are good at , and what you love doing.

Most of this 20 year career i have spent making table ware for export and the local retail market. It has taught me a lot about clay , and even more about myself. Living in the clay rich KZN Midlands of South Africa , enables me to produce large scale works, the volume of clay required means i must have the equipment and skill { not to mention the energy } to dig and mix my own recipe which will then fire to my ends. They being the functional characteristics like fire proof and dry clay strength for example , colour and texture being others . As the pottery / ceramics field is so large and varied , it really does help to use the practical materials to hand , like local clay to dictate what particular range of pots can be made . For example there is no natural porcelain clay deposits available in South Africa . So if one wants to make porcelain ware , one would have to import the clay .

I make pots , therefore i am. Making pots is the solid rock against which i measure myself. Clay rarely lies and performs more or less predictably . I know that if i start early in the morning by sweeping out my studio workshop , filling my throwing water bowl with fresh water and replacing the flowers in the vase, the days work of wedging and wheel throwing clay . or digging and mixing clay , or the turning of bowls thrown yesterday , will be more or less in time with my place in the universe. Ostensibly , if i am centered within myself , then i will be able to centre a lump of clay on my wheel. If i am not , then the lump of clay will let me know. All i need do is have enough courage to keep my eyes open what my eyes are really seeing.

A pot is a pot , is a pot , is a pot..........

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